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"Guys! Its 2021 already, where is the new music?" Well, after much time in lockdown and countless hours writing and recording, we are ready to drop our first single of the year. "The Letdown" will be available on Friday May 28th, 2021 on all streaming platforms. However, we would love for you to stream it on SPOTIFY as we feel its the best place to stream music.

Now unlike the title suggests, this song will not let you down. For the first of many songs this year, we wanted to do something that was raw and impactful. Something that would come out and hit you right in the face from the first note to the last hit of the drums. With so much of music these days being fixed to perfection by computers and samples, we wanted to put something out that was real and human. This is our stand against perfection because guess what? We aren't perfect. What you will hear on this track is pure performance and emotion. The way it should be.

We truly hope you guys enjoy this jam and share it with anyone who may be interested .  Head over to Spotify now and don't forget to follow us there as you will be notified in your app when the song is released. 

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Merchandise Store Carrying Both Vintage and New 5606 Designs!


We have recently restocked our merch store, with designs for shirts and hoodies from the early years of 5606 along with some brand new ones. Don't lie, you know you lost or wore our one of your shirts from years ago and it made its way under the bed or your partner threw it away cause it was all faded. 

Well, now is your chance to seek revenge and head over to and pick up that design now. 

All proceeds go right back into the music to make sure we can continue to keep brining you guys great sounding recordings to enjoy! 

This is one of the best ways for you to support our love of music and we want to thank you in advance for the support. Now go and fly that 5606 flag high!



If you are a guitar player and are looking to get that classic 5606 guitar tone, fear no more. In June, Eric ( lead guitarist/singer) will be releasing for free his presets and captures of his guitar amp and cab via the Neural DSP cloud on Quad Cortex!

So if you're wanting to chug and chunk away to some of your favorite songs make sure to check back here at the official website for more information come June 2021.