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Eric Ventimiglia

Lead Singer / Guitarist

Leading the charge on and off stage , Eric, the founding member of 5606 has not taken his foot off the gas pedal for over 20 years. With no signs of slowing down.


Andy Warpath


Making sure the band stays organized and grounded , along with being the connection point to our fans live is Andy.  


Alex Tran


The man responsible for making sure you don't stop dancing and bobbing your head is Alex. He hits hard and bangs even harder.

side brick 11.jpg

5606 has been a staple in the Bay Area Pop Punk scene for nearly 20 years, and the guys have been pioneers in their local community. The group has been playing together since they were 13 years old. Known for extremely high energy shows, unpredictable antics and everything in between, this trio has carved out a special place in the hearts of those who have grown to love them. Being a part of many Vans Warped Tours, National Tours and commercial radio airplay, 5606 has enjoyed many levels of success that few get a chance to achieve. This is through hard work, community, and a guerrilla style approach to much of what they do. After all this time, the passion is greater than its ever been before.

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