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There's no better time to be a musician than right now in 2022. There are so many exciting choices in which kinds of guitars, amps, bass, drums etc. you can use.  But here are the brands we use, associate with and support. You can hear all these brands on our recordings and live. Make sure you take the time to check out some of these wonderful company's.

mixwave small.png
Mixwave is the new kid on the block in the world sampled drum kits, but they made a name for themselves with their incredible sounds and features. Make sure to check them out. We use them for our practice E-Drum kit daily.
Let it be known, ELK is a game changer. They have solved a problem that no one ever thought was possible in the world of audio.
One of the best AMP SIM company's in the game, period. Great prices , Great sound. Click link above for a demo.
One of the first brands to take a chance on a small pop punk band from The Bay. 5606 has been using these strings for 20 years.
Both Gibson and Fender are featured prominently on all 5606 recordings and live shows. These are the best of the best in our opinion.
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